5 Best Moves to Tone Your Arms without Weights

tone arms without weights

Who doesn’t want to have fierce and toned arms! However, going to the gym after a tiring day and exercising with weights can be a drag. Moreover, it is not easy to find arm workouts without weights. Don’t worry, you have done the hard work for you and have compiled some arm workouts without weight.

5 Best Moves to Tone Your Arms without Weights

1. Wall Push ups

wall push ups tone arms

How to Do:

  • Stand straight facing a wall. Your face has to be 6 inches away from the wall. Keep the hands on the wall about a shoulder distance apart.
  • Keeping both the feet on the ground, step back as far as possible.
  • As you go down into a push-up, inhale. The glutes should be tucked when you are descending. When you push away from the wall, exhale.

Number of Repetitions: Do this 10 times initially and then gradually increase the count.

How it Helps: Apart from strengthening and toning your arms, it adjusts the difficulty level, making it easier for you to do regular pushups.

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2. Floor Dips

floor dips exercise for arms

How to Do:

  • Sit on the floor and keep the knees bent. The fingers and the feet should be facing forward. Your position should be like you are going to do crab walk.
  • Tighten the glutes and tuck your abs. start lifting the pelvis till your body is in reverse table top position.
  • Lower the body as you bend the arms and activate the triceps.
  • As you get close to the floor, make sure that your butt is off the floor. This way the arm and the core muscles will be active.

Number of Repetitions: Keep doing this for one minute.

How it Helps: The benefit of this exercise is that it tones down the muscles and increases strength in triceps.

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3. Arm Circles

arm circles for flabby arms

How to Do:

  • Stand with the feet a shoulder distance apart. Stretch both the arms to the side so that it forms a ‘T’ with the body.
  • Rotate the arms and the shoulder slowly for making forward circles. The circles have to be around 1 foot in diameter.
  •  Do 15 circles and change the direction.

Number of Repetitions: Do 15 circles in each direction and do a total of 3 sets.

How it Helps: This simple exercise will give you fit and sculpted arms without any fancy equipment.

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4. Triceps Dips

triceps dips for arms

How to Do:

  • Place the hands a shoulder-width apart on a furniture that you using for propping yourself.
  • Shift the bottom and the pelvis so that there is a gap of 3-6 inch in between the object and the back.
  • Bend the legs at an angle of 90 degrees and keep the feet planted on the ground.
  • Lower your body and then come back up. Do this slowly.

Number of Repetitions: Do 3 sets of 12 repetitions.

How it Helps: This helps in building triceps using body weight.

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5. Plank Side Walk

plank side walk for arms

How to Do:

  • Start in elevated plank position, keeping the arms extend below the shoulder and palms on the ground.
  • Stretch the legs behind as the toes press the floor.
  • Instead of the stationary position, walk the feet and hand to one side. Take 2-3 steps in a direction.
  • Come back to the starting and repeat it with the other direction.

Number of Repetitions: Do this for 1 minute.

How it Helps: As it strengthens the arms, it also tones the abdominal muscles.

Implement this exercise into your busy daily routine to get strong and toned arms without lifting weights.

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