6 Unusual Uses of Your Hair Dryer That Will Blow You Away

unusual uses of hair dryer

When someone ask me, what is hair dryer to me! Than i would say, it can make your life as well sometime ruin it. Using it properly with no wrongs in it, will surely make your life. And today with various emerging hair treatment, hair dryers plays the important role in all the treatments. It helps to dry your hair in seconds and give them the proper shape! After your hair cut all you need is a proper blow dryer which can only be possible with a hair dryer. Besides using them over hair, here are some of the alternate or i would say, unusual uses of hair dryer.

6 Unusual Uses of Hair Dryer:

1. Helps to Get a Fog Free Mirror:

When you happen to have a good shower, the most common thing you encounter is a foggy mirror. This is terribly irritating and irresistible too. So, the next time you go to bathroom and want a fog free mirror just air dry your mirror with the help of hair dryer. The blow dryer helps to remove all the moisture from the mirror as well as helps to avoid getting foggy next time. Just 5-10 minutes of air dry can help to keep the mirror fog free.

2. Helps to Remove Crayon From Walls:

If you have kids at your home, there are chances they roam around with crayon and get their beautifully painting done everywhere. So, if they have done a crayon painting over your wall than you can easily get rid of them with the help of hair dryer. Blow dry the targeted area and then blow air it continuously for 30 minutes. (make sure you on and off the dryer, and avoid over heating). The heat released from the blow dryer helps to melt the crayon which results in coming out easily. The crayon starts to melt and then come out of the wall easily.

3. Helps to Calm Down the Chilly Sheets:

Generally in winter season, you can see the chilly sheets in your refrigerator which becomes impossible to pull any product out. So, for this purpose you can use a hair dryer to melt the ice and also remove any product from within easily. Make sure you blow dry directly over the sheet, and hold the dryer in such a position that the water does not gets into it.

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4. Helps to Melt the Chocolate Completely:

So, do you love cooking or baking with chocolate? If yes, melting chocolate takes too much time and fuel too. Next time you want to melt the chocolate, you can use a blow dryer. Using a blow dryer you can melt the chocolate completely. You should remove the golden paper first and then start melting the chocolate with the blow dryer.

5. Helps to Remove Tags and Stickers:

Blow dryer helps to remove tags and stickers from different product. We generally pull them out vigorously, which leaves a part of it behind on the product. Slightly blow over the sticker to remove the adhesion glue from it. Now blow it from all the corners and try to pull it slightness. The tag will slowly come out and you can pull the rest out easily.

6. Helps to Defrost Your Pipes in Winters:

Use a blow dryer to defrost your pipes in winters. Due to frozen and choked pipes, it leads to a complete mess in kitchen. The water is not able to drain properly and all gets reversed to the sink. Blow dryer can be a savior at such time. Hold a blow dryer from outside the pipe and maintain a little distance so that the plastic does not gets melted due to heat.

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