16 Practical Uses for Dish Soap That You Probably Haven’t Thought Of

So, do you think dish washing soap was used to clean utensils only?? When you would actually ask your mother the importance of dish washing soap, she would actually tell you how important dish washing soap is in daily life.

Uses of Dishwashing Soap:

Besides cleaning utensils there are innumerable uses of it which can actually help you in day to day work. So, let’s have a look at some of the alternate yet very important use of dish washing soap.

1. Use to Clean Jewelry:

Dish washing soap can be used to clean gold and silver jewelry both. All you need to do is submerge your gold and silver jewelry in dish washing soap solution.(Dish washing soap solution can be made at home by adding few drops of dish washing soap to half-filled utensil). Now allow the jewelry to stay undisturbed for some time. Now, Rub your jewelry with toothbrush and wash off with distilled water.

2. Helps to Clean Mirror:

Dishwashing soap can also be used to clean mirrors and make it look clean and stainless. You need to make a solution of dishwashing soap liquid just like we have mentioned in the above step. Now, Rub your mirror with this dishwashing soap solution and give it a final rinse with cold water.

3. Helps to Keep Mirror Fog Free:

This is mostly the time when people take a bath and are unable to watch their own face just because of the accumulated fog on your mirror. Mirrors which are mostly situated in bathrooms are covered with fog because of the heat developed by breathing. Just sprinkle few drops of dishwashing soap solution on the mirror before you take bath. This will help to give your mirror fog free every time.

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4. Helps to Fade Henna(Mehendi) Color:

Applying mehendi is beautiful task but when it comes to removal of henna color it looks like a deadly skin disease. It is relatively very hard to get rid of henna color very soon and easily. So the next time when you want to remove henna color as soon as possible you can take help of dishwashing soap from your kitchen. Now rub your hand with dishwashing soap solution and make sure you do not apply concentrated solution on your hand.

5. Helps to Clean your Car:

Using dishwashing solution is one of the cheapest ways to clean your car easily. Just scrubbing your car with dishwashing liquid and giving it a rinse of distilled water can help to clean your car in a great way. Make sure you are not using more of dishwashing soap than water while making solution always keep dishwashing soap and water in 50-50 solution.

6. Clean Your Tiles:

Scrubbing your tiles with dishwashing soap can make it look clean and tidy. Also, scrubbing your tiles with dishwashing soap can help to keep minute organism and pesticide away from the floor. If you have kids at your home make sure you give a final rinse with distilled water.

7. Helps to Clean your Fans and Tube Lights:

You know when it comes to cleaning of fan, I become tedious job as you are to doing it every day but you are actually doing it after two or three months. You need to scrub, scrub and scrub the fans. So, the easy way to clean them and make them look neat and new like before is washing them with dishwashing powder. You can remove the parts and submerge all of them in bucket filled with dishwashing solution and then clean with cloth after sometime. But if you standing on a chair to clean the fans, you can clean them by a cloth dipped in dishwashing liquid.

8. Use to Clean Markup Brushes:

Buying a makeup brush can be an easy task, but maintaining them requires enough of patience and time too. You can clean your makeup brush with the help of dishwashing liquid soap. Add 2 drops of dishwashing soap in one bowl of Luke warm water. Now insert the makeup brush in this bowl and leave them undisturbed for few minutes. If you can see the dust particles coming out and water changing its color, try to rub the make brush against the wall of bowl. Once you have leaned the makeup brush, rinse them once again with Luke warm water.

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9. Used to Clean Stains of Blood:

If you are on our period, blood stains can be really freaking you out. They can be anywhere, anytime. If at all you got some blood stains on your lovely dress, you can wash them off easily with the help of dishwashing liquid. No, you should not use dishwashing solution as they are not enough to do so. Pour few drops of concentrated solution of dishwashing solution on the blood stain, and then leave it for few minutes. Wash off with Luke warm thoroughly.

10. Helps to Remove Rust:

Dishwashing soap helps to remove rust from nails hangers and any other small elements of iron. You can simple add some water in a saucepan and allow it to dry. Now add few drops of dishwashing powder to the boiling water and leave the bolts, nuts and nails. Allow them to boil in water, and turn off the flame after few minutes. Leave the elements in the water, as the rust will soon start to dissolve.

11. Helps to Clean Your Keyboard and Computer Screen:

And I am very much sure, you never thought about this use of dishwashing soap. But yes, to a surprise due to my personal experience, I have found dishwashing soap can help to clean the keyboard and computer screen easily. Just like we have mentioned you in the above text, you can simply soap sponge or cloth in dishwashing liquid. Don’t allow the water to run inside (make use of sponge in such cases)

12. Helps to Clean Bottles:

After some time, you bottle starts to stink and release a pathetic smell out of it. This is mostly due to plastic or the element that bottle is made of. Also, water reacts to the element which results in production of pathetic smell. So, if you have dishwashing soap at home, you got a solution to this problem. You can fill bottles with the soap solution and leave it for an hour or two. This will help to fade the odor and also clean the bottle. Scrub with the help of a brush and rinse off well with Luke warm water.

13. Helps to Clean Soft Toys:

You can easily clean soft toys with the help of dishwashing liquid. Instead, this is the best way to used to cleaning your soft toys. It helps to remove dirt from soft toys easily as well as does not even ruin them.

14. Helps to Clean Plastic Flowers:

If you love decorating your house, you would surely be in love with plastic flowers. They get dirty after few months and also look so gross at home. Instead of throwing it away, you can wash them with dishwashing liquid. This will help to make them appear fresh as well as remove the dirt.

15. Help to Clean Dirty Cloths:

No, we are not talking about your cloths which are dirty, but we are talking about those stock of cloths you keep at your house to clean other things. Instead of wasting a good quality detergent on them, you can use dishwashing liquid.

16. Cleaning Carpet:

Usually you don’t clean carpet in every month of two, they are washed once in a while. So, next time you want to clean your carpet, you could be using dishwashing liquid instead of that.

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