10 Reasons You’ll Never Throw Away Used Teabags Again

Benefits of used Tea Bags

What do you do after using a tea bag? Most of us will answer “we trash the tea bags”. It is not only you and me who trashes the tea bag, but it is most of us who does that. Now, if say these used tea bags can be actually beneficial in doing various things, would you believe me? There are innumerable uses of tea bags which you should know about and here we state few among them. So, the next time you have a tea bag in your hand, don’t trash it, instead save it for further reference.

Here are the Top 10 Best Uses of Tea Bags

1. Helps to Treat Puffiness Under Eyes

While most of us survive a painful job, encountering puffy eyes is not a surprise to them. Even if you spend most of the time playing games over laptop or simply surfing your TV channels, you are most likely to contract puffy eyes. Tea bags can do wonders to treat puffiness over eye. Store some tea bags in refrigerator and then keep it under your eye. Allow the bags to rest over your eyes for few minutes and relax.

2. Helps to Treat Dry and Cracked Foot

Tea bags not only help to treat dry and cracked foot but it also helps to relieve leg pain. All you need is four to five tea bags. Open the tea bags in a tub half filled with water and empty the tea in it. Now, allow the tea to mix well with water and add 2-3 drops of any essential oil or lemon juice. Soak your legs in this water and relax. After some time, remove your legs and pat them dry.

3. After Rinse

Tea bag can work well as a conditioner and help to gain smooth, bouncy and soft hair. You need to empty some tea bags in a bowl and add some water to it. Now allow the water to boil for some time and then switch off the flame. Allow the water to cool down for some time and then brew the water in a separate vessel. Now you can use this water as after wash. Give a final rinse to your hair with this water and continue using this remedy for twice a week.

4. Helps to Get Clean Skin

Due to large amount of anti oxidants present in green tea, it helps to get to get a clean skin as well as helps to treat acne over skin. Instead of using face wash and soap based on green tea, you can actually make sure of these green tea bags over skin to get a clean, glowing and flawless skin. You need to run some tea bags over hot boiling water and then use the collected water over face. You can wash your face with this water regularly or apply it all over your face with the help of cotton ball.

5. Helps to Relieve Pain

Using green tea bags can actually help to relieve body pain and also helps to give you a smooth, soft skin. You need to empty some green tea bags into warm water and then relax into this water for some time. You can further keep this water as a foot soak. Bathing with green tea water helps to remove germs and dirt from the skin as well as works well over debris. Make sure you always add a small quantity of warm water so that it works well.

6. Helps to Treat Stinky Feet’s

Tea bags prove effective to treat stinky feet’s. You can easily make use of tea bags to get rid of bad odor. You can make your own foot soak at home that can help to get rid of stinky feet. Take a tub half filled with Luke warm water and then mix some green tea into it. Now, allow the water to rest some time until you can bear the temperature of the water. Now sock your feet’s inside the water and keep it submerged for Atleast 15 minutes. Continue doing this for few days to enjoy odor free feet’s.

7. Helps to Treat Sun Burn over Skin

Tea bags effectively work over sun burns. You usually get your skin burned during hot summer days and all you feel is irritating about it. You can put some tea bags into use to treat sun burned skin. Take a bowl or a clean vessel and then open some tea bags into it. Now store this mixture into fridge and then take out after some time. Now apply this water on your sun burned skin and apply with the help of cotton ball.

8. Helps to Take Care of Your Irritating Skin

You keep on experimenting various type of creams and lotions over body. But unfortunately, only few among them turn out to be excellent over skin while some leave you with rashes and irritating skin. Due to large amount of anti oxidants in the tea, it helps to calm down your irritating skin. You can empty green tea bags in a vessel and then apply the water over your skin or you can alternatively place some green tea bag in your hand. This will help to clam your skin slowly.

9. Acts as a Conditioner

Tea bags can act as a conditioner as it contains enough amount of anti oxidants present in it. You can empty the tea bags and then mix it with warm water. If you want you can boil the water and allow it to rest for some time. Now wash off your hair with this water. It helps to kill germs as well as helps to treat various scalp problems. Usually you can use this as an after wash because it also helps to soften your hair as well as helps to boost the blood circulation over hair!

10. Helps to Reduce Inflammation

Tea bags equally help to reduce inflammation over skin and hence they are of great importance for all those who frequently see swelling or inflammation over skin. You can use tea bags just like in the way mentioned below or can also place them directly over skin.

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