16 Wired Ways To Use Vaseline You Need To Know

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Even your grandparents may be familiar with this ancient cosmetic product. Vaseline has always been one among those product which has acted like a life saver and always were used for various purposes. With the increase in various cosmetic products, the importance of Vaseline increases as well. Due to its potent quality of acting like a life saver, one has to keep it necessarily in pure, this is because on product can give you various solution. If you will ask your mother, she would actually tell you during her teenager days, it was only Vaseline which she applied and hence her skin glows and shines that what your does now! Let’s read few helpful Vaseline uses that could help you.

Unique Uses For Vaseline:

  1.  The easiest of all the tricks, you can use Vaseline to get a baby soft lips. All you can do is apply Vaseline overnight and be prepared for the results. Vaseline helps to soften your lips, and is also a boon to people who always desired to get red lips.
  2. If your finger ring have stuck back to your finger and you are not able to pull out, use some Vaseline near you ring than. Vaseline will help the ring to slip off your fingers. So on a general note; you should apply Vaseline before you wear the ring. This will make sure that the ring goes and comes our easily.
  3. The easiest way to tam baby grown hair is fixing them back with little of Vaseline. Vaseline helps to keep your hair in place. If you thought, Vaseline would make your hair look oily, than we recommend you to use Vaseline and know its results. They seriously don’t do this to you.
  4. You can create your own lip balm at home by adding some meting white or dark chocolate to Vaseline. Freeze them for some time and your lip balm is ready. So the DIY recipe is here – Take the desired chocolate you want as the flavor of your lip balm and add it to Vaseline. The proportion of both the ingredients should be half. Now mix both of them well, and allow it to freeze. Your homemade lip balm is ready.
  5. Love to grow your eyelashes? Even do I. Pamper your eyelashes by dabbing Vaseline to your eyelashes, this help them to grow faster. If you got an extra mascara stand, which is off no use, you can dip it in the Vaseline, and give a thick coating on your lashes.
  6. If you are running out of blusher, you can make your natural blush by yourself. Take some Vaseline and apply on your cheeks part to make them look contour and shiny even. Make sure the quantity of Vaseline is not so much that it looks oily on your face. Only you have finishes contouring, you can always give it a touch up with baby powder.
  7. You have a bad time while removing a lipstick, right? Stop using those artificially made makeup users and put Vaseline into use. Vaseline helps to remove the lipstick from your lips easily and also moisturizes your lips. You can always apply some Vaseline on your lips, which would make it appear like a lip gloss. Who cares, if you applied lip gloss over lipstick or just wearing shiny nude lips?
  8. Using Vaseline before wearing body lotions helps the lotion to stay longer on body than usual as Vaseline form a strong base for the lotion. Vaseline can never give any harm or injuries on your body, so you can always be free and use it sometime on your intimate parts too.
  9. Girls in love with Tattoos should always treat Vaseline as your best friend! After you have been tattooed all over your body, the skin there starts drying up and also peels off. To cure this, apply Vaseline now and then to keep your skin well maintained.
  10. So, love wearing those expensive perfumes but tired of making your perfume last longer? Vaseline can make this happen, apply Vaseline before applying perfume which will further help in making the fragrance last longer in your body. Yes, the Vaseline works but you should make sure you are applying the perfume at right time.
  11. Treat your dried and split ends with the help of Vaseline. Rub some small amount of Vaseline to the hair ends which will start treating the damaged hair. Vaseline can help to improve the texture of your spilt ends.
  12. Vaseline is a natural makeup remover. Ditch those artificial ones and start using the natural and all time saver – Vaseline product. You can use cotton swab or cotton balls to remove the makeup. Once you have removed the makeup with the help of Vaseline, allow it to settle down on face. It would help to give you a glowing skin tomorrow morning.
  13. Your cuticles are dries every now and then. You can take some Vaseline and apply to your dried cuticles with the help of a cotton swab. We recommend you, that instead of spending large chunks of money of busying your manicure kit; just a massage to your nails and hands with Vaseline can give you wonderful results.
  14. Irrespective of the any seasons, your elbow and knees look dried and gross. So, this is the time you should give them what they deserve, a well moisturised nourishment from Vaseline. Even if it is summer, you can apply them and then dab some baby powder to it. Dabbing baby powder in summer is important, as it would avoid chafing and other problems created due to heat.
  15. Tired of shrinking your large sized pores? Use Vaseline on regular basis and this will help to shrink the large sized pores near your nose and cheek areas. Using Vaseline is the best way to shrink the size of your pores.
  16.  Just using cotton swab is not enough while you clean your ears. You can always dip a cotton swab in Vaseline and then clean the ears. This will help to keep your ears clean and also avoid from dust getting into it.

So what would you try at home? Share with us too.

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