Top 10 Vegan Protein Sources You Must Add to Your Diet

vegan protein sources

Protein is one of the most crucial components in the body. Your body needs protein to build muscle and perform other essential functions. If you need a quick way to boost your performance, then you should consider steroids such as testosterone enanthate. This steroid helps pack on more muscle in less time. Bodybuilders also combine their protein intake with steroids help them build even more muscle. But that’s not the case for vegans as they can’t take some protein foods such as meat. So, are there other sources that you can use to get enough protein if you are vegan? Keep reading to find out.

Getting enough protein can be really hard, especially when you don’t eat meat or other meat products as they are significant sources of protein. However, there are also some great sources of protein that you can use if you are vegan. They include:

10 Vegan Protein Sources

1. Seitan

seitan vegan protein

Seitan can be an excellent protein source for any vegan as it’s made from gluten (the major protein component in wheat). You can get about 100 grams of protein from taking 25 grams of seitan, which is a lot of protein. Seitan is very rich in protein, which is what makes it the best source of protein for vegans.

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2. Tempeh, Tofu and Edamame

tofu tempeh and edamame

Soy products should be one thing you should consider adding to your vegan diet as they are great sources of protein. The amount of protein you get from these products varies depending on how you prepare them:

  • A half-cup of Soybean curds (firm tofu) contains approximately 10g of protein.
  • A half-cup of immature soybeans (edamame beans) contains about 8.5 grams of protein.
  • Tempeh gives you around 15g of protein in every half a cup of it.

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3. Chickpeas

chickpeas vegan protein

Chickpeas are also a significant source of protein as they contain about 7.25g of protein. Eating half a cup of chickpeas can give you more protein than you can get from animal products.

You can eat chickpeas when cold or hot. Chickpeas have lots of recipes online as they are so versatile. You can add them to curries, stews or spice them with paprika then roast the combination in an oven.

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4. Nutritional Yeast

nutritional yeast vegan

This yeast is usually in the form of flakes or yellow powder and has an excellent flavor, which is what makes it perfect to combine with dishes like scrambled tofu and mashed potatoes. You can also enjoy nutritional yeast with popcorn or even sprinkle it on top of pasta dishes.

Nutritional yeast is a perfect source of protein as it contains 14 grams of protein per ounce, which is equivalent to 28 grams.

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5. Peanuts

vegan peanut protein

Peanuts are rich in protein and are full of healthy fats which can help you in improving the health of your heart. For each cup of peanuts, you take, you get about 20.5 grams of protein. You can take advantage of that by making sure that you make all your sandwiches using peanut butter to get all the good protein content that helps in building muscle.

6. Lentils

lentils vegan protein

Lentils should be on the top of your list if you are looking forward to improving your protein intake. You can eat lentils with different dishes such as salads, dahls, and soups. Lentils can provide you with 18 grams of protein for every half cup you take. They also comprise of healthy carbs that your body can digest easily hence helping you stay even more healthy.

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7. Spirulina

spirulina vegan protein

Spirulina gives about 8 grams of protein for every two tablespoons you take. You can also get a lot of nutrients such as Vitamin B and iron from eating Spirulina. This food is mostly available in powder form.

8. Teff and Spelt

teff spelt bread

Teff and spelt provide 11 grams of protein for every 240 ml of a cup you cook. So, these can be a great source of protein for any vegan. You can also benefit a lot from eating teff and spelt as they have other beneficial nutrients like Phosphorus, iron, manganese, and B vitamins.

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9. Quinoa

quinoa vegan protein

Quinoa is among the grains that have very high protein content. This food is a complete protein and can provide you with 8 grams of protein for every cup you eat. This grain also has other nutrients such as fiber and magnesium hence making it a perfect alternative to animal products.

10. Green Peas

green peas vegan

These little green peas can give you a lot of protein up to 9 grams for every 240ml cup you cook. If you compare the amount you get from eating green peas with the one you will get from drinking a cup of milk, then you’ll realize that eating green peas is more beneficial.

Being vegan, there are a variety of sources that you can use to get your protein. However, the amount of protein that they contain varies with each one of them. It’s up to you to decide which one is suitable to combine with certain dishes. If you are a vegan bodybuilder, then you can combine the health benefits of dark chocolate with the above foods to help you get better results in your training.

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