Strengthen Your Hair Naturally

7 Easy Ways to

By Pravallika

Massaging your scalp helps in blood circulation that boosts the health and condition of your hair.

Scalp Massage

The prime step is to select the right shampoo and conditioner according to your type of hair and its texture. Too much shampoo may also damage hair and get dry.

Choose a Right Shampoo

Eggs contain B-complex vitamins, minerals and proteins that help to maintain the health of hair. It strengthen your hair from roots.

Egg Hair Mask

Aloe vera has proteolytic enzyme which stimulate your hair growth and make silk and shiny.

Aloe Vera

Onion helps to increase blood circulation which promotes hair growth and make thick.

Onion Juice

Banana has potassium that helps to prevent breakage of hair and helps hair to grow. 

Banana Hair Mask

To get sufficient vitamins and minerals need to balance diet on regular intervals along with exercise.

Intake of Vitamins & Minerals

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