Why Banana Is Good For Your Skin & Hair

7 Reasons

By Manasa

The abundance of potassium and manganese found in bananas are essential elements for making your skin soft and healthy.

1. Makes Skin Softer

Banana acts as a great exfoliator that helps slough off excess sebum and oil on the skin’s surface as well as helps in softening the rough skin.

2. Acts as an Oil control 

Tired of dark circles? Banana has a good ability in treating puffy eyes and removes under-eye circles. 

3. Treats Puffy Eyes

Vitamin B6, A, and C rich in banana acts as a natural moisturizer and keeps your feet moist and prevents from drying.

4. Soothing Cracked Heels

Banana is a wealth of nutrients and vitamins that treat flaky scalp and nourish your hair.

5. Dandruff Free Scalp 

Banana helps in soothing the damaged and distressed hair and as well protects from various factors like UV rays, stress, and lifestyle-related damages.

6. Prevents Split-Ends

Using banana masks routinely leads to stronger hair follicles and thus resulting in good hair growth.

7. Boosts up Hair Growth

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