5 Reasons To Avoid Using The Base Coat As A Top Coat And Vice Versa


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A top coat can protect the nail polish from external factors such as water, and UV light. and other chemicals, because of which it will lose its color and start peeling.

Lack of Enough Protection to The Nail Polish

Top coats are made to stick to the nail polish firmly so it can last for a longer period whereas the base coats are just meant to bond with nail plates

No Proper Bonding with Nail Polish

Top coats are responsible for making the nails shiny. The base coat can also result in a similar effect but the durability will be low

There Will Be No Glossy Appearance

A base coat has high resin levels and acts as a double-sided tape which can not just hold the nail plate but also create s sticky layer for the nail polish.

Non-Adherence to Nail Plate

Using the top coat as a base coat will not help in this case and the natural nails will get pigmented.

Nails Get Stained

Video: Pexels

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Can You Use a Base Coat as a Top Coat?