Beauty Benefits Of Paan/Betel Leaf For Skin & Hair

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The betel leaf has some effective hair and beauty benefits that you are about to see.

Betel Leaf/Paan Leaf Properties

The antifungal properties of Betel leaf can prevent acne from appearing and also reduces acne spots.

It Has Anti-Acne Properties

Betel leafs extract is a good cleanser to remove oil and dirt from our skin.

Acts As a Face Cleanser

Chew a betel leaf to get rid of bad breath. The oil present in the leaf will freshen your mouth.

A Natural Mouth Freshener

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Betel leaf is effective in treating hair loss. The tannins present in the leaf strengthens hair roots and prevent hair fall.

Hair Loss Treatment

The antifungal properties of betel leaf can treat dandruff effectively.

Treats Dandruff

A paste of betel leaves can make your hair shinier and lustrous. It also prevents split ends and hair breakage.

For Shiny & Lustrous Hair

The anti-inflammatory properties of betel leaf can soothe skin irritation. It can also be used to treat insect bites.

Soothes Skin Irritation

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