Benefits and Uses of Tea Tree Oil


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How Did Tea Tree oil Originate?

In Australia, they extracted it from Melaleuca Alternifolia tree leaves.

A Powerful Anti-Inflammatory Ingredient

Tea tree oil can cure inflammation and acne with its anti-microbial properties.


Promotes Hair Growth

This oil nourishes the hair and increasing hair growth to give a healthy hair.


Gets Rid of Skin Tags

Use it by mixing some tea tree oil in a carrier oil and apply on affected areas.


Protects From Dandruff

It removes the dead skin cells on the scalp and eliminates dandruff.


An Effective Moisturizer

It acts as a moisturizer and relieves from itchy skin and soothes irritation.


A Natural Healing Solution

Tea tree oil mixed with any antiseptic cream has the ability to heal small cuts and wounds.


The Ability to Heal Psoriasis

It also aid in reducing psoriasis by using it along with other treatments to reduce infections.


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