How Peppermint Oil Can Benefit Your Skin and Hair


The anti-microbial properties of the peppermint essential oil clears out the excess oil from your skin by controlling the production of sebum thereby reducing pimples and breakouts.

Tackles Oily Skin

The anti-bacterial component of this essential oil destroys the acne-causing bacteria and diminishes blemishes.

Reduces Acne

Peppermint oil is especially useful in providing immediate relief from the itching sensation. Itching that is caused by insect bites can also be eased with this.

Reduces Skin Itchiness

Presence of menthol leaves in peppermint essential oil, it is packed with soothing nutrients that treat dry and chapped lips.

Heal Cracked Lips

Massaging peppermint oil onto your scalp, increases blood circulation thus enhancing the hair follicles and supporting the growth of hair.

Boosts Hair Growth

Lice is the major problem for hair loss, itching, and irritation. The immense mint flavor of this essential oil eradicates the lice.

Prevention of Lice

Your scalp and hair health can be regained by utilizing the excellent features of peppermint oil.

Revitalize Your Hair and Scalp

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Peppermint Oil For Skin & Hair: Benefits And How To Use?