The 10 Best

Fruits To Lose Weight & Burn Belly Fat

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By Manasa


Grapefruits are fiber-rich. Fiber slows down the appetite as compared to the other options.

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An average-sized apple packs 80 calories and keeps you full for longer hence limiting the number of calories you end up eating in a day.

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Banana packs approximately 27 grams of carbs and just 14 grams of the naturally occurring sugar. The carb content gives you energy while the fiber banishes cravings.

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Berries contain a compound known as Ketones which helps speeds up metabolism and boosts the breakdown of fat.

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Passion Fruit

Passion fruit contains Flavonoid antioxidants that boost metabolism to let you burn more calories with ease.

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The 37-calorie fruit gives approximately 12% of the recommended fiber intake hence are more filling.

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Kiwifruit is a perfect source of vitamin C, folate, fiber, vitamin E, among other vital nutrients.

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Watermelon contains zero calories. This is why a watermelon only packs 86 calories in a single wedge.

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Pomegranates contain anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant properties making it essential for anyone who wants to shed off some extra pounds.

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Papaya is rich in dietary fiber, the papaya fruit helps to control appetite reducing the amount of calorie-intake in a day-you will no longer go overboard

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