Carbon Peel Facials: Deep Cleanse Impurities


What is Carbon Peel Facial?

Carbon peel facial is a new and improved safe laser-based skin treatment that deeply cleanses and repairs the skin and makes it glow.

Step 1

A layer of liquid carbon is spread on your face evenly and lets it dry out.

Now your eyes will be covered by eye shields and then a low power mode laser is used to make the carbon layer stick better to skin.

Step 2

The last step is to use a high power mode laser over the entire face which will heat up and break down the carbons to absorb better. Skip this step in case of sensitive skin.

Step 3

In this step a mist evaporator is used to vaporize and clean the carbon remains along with all the dirt and impurities present in your pores.

Step 4

After the cleaning process is finished, apply a good hydrating moisturizer cream on your skin.

Post-Treatment Final Step

This Carbon Peel Facial treatment has many skin benefits that includes the following:

Benefits of Carbon Peel Facial

This treatment is effective in treating Acne on your face. and it removes impurities deeply without causing any breakout

Treats Acne

You will gain a more youthful look as it boosts collagen production and it will make your face bright and radiant.

Gives Radiant Skin

This treatment also helps in reducing wrinkles and fine lines on your face.

Reduces Wrinkles and Fine lines

If you have an oily skin type then this treatment is perfect for you as it will help in clearing out the excess oil from your face.

Clears Excess Oil

This treatment is an affordable option as compared to other laser treatments available in the market.

An Affordable Option

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