Top 5 Things That Can Cause Brittle Nails

By pranay

What is Brittle Nails Condition?

When your nails chip, crack or peel easily then this condition is called Brittle nails.

Take Care of Your Brittle Nails

Be it health condition or through external factors, when you get brittle nails you must take immediate care.

Main Causes of Brittle Nails

The causes of brittle nails are Anemia, malnutrition, old age, thyroid or external factors.

Brittle Nails Because of Anemia

Low blood levels and reduced blood flow to the nails causes brittle and dry nails.

Caused by Malnutrition

Not getting enough nutrition and minerals through your diet can be a factor to this condition.

Old Age Can Cause This

When you grow older your nails become slow to grow and get dried out causing brittle nails.

Thyroid Can Be a Factor

Low thyroid levels can make the nails dry and susceptible to cracks and peeling of nails.

Some External Causes

By working with water like dish washing or washing clothes will eventually cause this condition.

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