Causes Of Skin Peeling After Showering


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A hot shower feels good in the morning or at the end of the day but this can strip off the natural protective elements on the skin. Thus the peels off and itching occurs.

Taking Hot Showers for a Long Time

Vigorous scrubbing can erode the natural oils and protein on the skin surface, resulting in loss of moisture. The outcome is worsening acne and skin dryness.

Scrubbing Too Much

Make sure to avoid leaving a product on the skin for too long as the chemicals and fragrances can lead to skin irritation, besides drying it up.

Poor Choice of Products

The pH levels in bar soaps are high, nearly 10 when our skin’s natural pH is 5.5, which is why our skin turns dry after bathing using bar soap. 

Bar Soap

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Why Does My Skin Peel After A Shower?

Video: Pexels