The Dangers & Side Effects of Taking Baking Soda


Headache & Irritability

High dosage or over dose of baking soda in food or any other mean of consumption can cause headache, nausea or irritability.

Metabolic Alkalosis

Baking Soda in large amounts exceeds the capacity of kidney to excrete excess bicarbonate that causes metabolic alkalosis. This could lead to seizures, hand tremors, numbness and could also lead to Muscle Spasms.


Overdose of baking soda causes constipation in infants and children. The neutralization process by Baking Soda releases Carbon Dioxide that could lead to obstruction on the gastric passage of stool causing Constipation.

Gastric Ruptures

Baking Soda can produce gases that could increase the level gastric acid. This increase can cause a high risk of a gastric rupture to occur.

Vein Inflammation

Over consumption of Baking Soda can cause Phlebitis. This is a term referred for vein inflammation. Vein inflammation can be further harmful as the blood flow is decreased.


Overdose of sodium carbonate (baking soda) may result in severe reactions and can cause fluid and water retention above than the normal percentage in the body.

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Serious Side Effects of Baking Soda