Easy Hacks To Prevent Your Makeup From Melting


Makeup Mishaps are The Worst That Could Happen

The main reasons for makeup disasters are melting foundation, smudgy lipstick, runny eyeliners and more.

The Humid Conditions are Makeups Enemy

Hot, muggy weather can cause your makeup to slide right off your face. It is the worst thing to happen.

Find Out How To Avoid Makeup Setbacks

Follow these simple and quick tricks to keep your makeup from melting in the summer heat for several hours.

Use a Makeup Primer

A Makeup Primer will help to keep your makeup in place for a long time. It creates a smooth surface for your foundation and also absorbs excess oil from your skin. 

Make Use of Eyelid Primer

Now you don't have to worry about eyeshadow creases, thanks to eyelid primer. It provides a smooth base for your eyeshadow and also prevents it from creasing or smudging for a long time.

Go for Liquid Eyeliners

If you are looking for a long-lasting eyeliner, then liquid eyeliners are the best option. They don't smudge or budge easily and stay put for a long time.

Opt for Long-Wearing Foundations

Long-wearing foundations are ideal for hot and humid weather as they don't melt or slide off easily. They provide a full coverage and stay put for a long time.

Use a Concealer That is Oil-Free

If you have oily skin, then it is important to use a concealer that is oil-free. It will help to keep your makeup in place for a long time and prevents greasy face.

Choosing The Right Lipstick

Prefer to use Matte finish lipstick over glossy lipstick in summers as they are long-lasting and don't smudge easily.

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