Most Effective Yoga Poses to Increase Height


Standing Forward Bend

It synchronizes and awakens the mind and breath. It reunites the back and front of the body. Results into spiritual equilibrium and a deep sense of awareness.

Shoulder Stand

This is a yoga pose wherein an individual tries to balance the whole body on the shoulder. The brain gets nourished with more blood. Helps in keeping the spine flexible.

Tree Pose

This is a standing yoga pose that helps to improve focus, balance and mental clarity. Helps sciatica sufferers. It brings equilibrium to the mind.

Downward Dog Pose

This yoga pose has gained popularity for its importance in contemporary practice. It normally can be a resting position and also act as a transitional pose.

Camel Pose

Is a yoga pose that allows an individual to experience a deep extension of the spine without arms supporting your weight.

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6 Simple Yoga Poses to Increase Height