Almonds are very helpful in order to keep your stomach full for a longer time.


Apple can help you to burn the energy and it can also create extra body heat.


Broccoli contains high source of vitamins, folate and potassium. This high fibre food can help you to lose the weight.


Catechins in green tea can reduce the body fat.

Green Tea

Fatty acids in salmon can help you to lose your weight and can be able to reduce the visceral abdominal fat.


Eggs comes with high quality of protein, fats, essential vitamins and minerals.


Berries are very strong and essential food in order to burn the belly fat.


Chicken breasts can provide high protein to your body. It can deal with your extra cravings for the whole day.

Chicken Breast

Grapefruit can help you to suppress your appetite.


Oats are overloaded with high fibers and can supply the nutritional benefits.


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