How Long Does Perfume Last On Clothes


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This is because sunlight will break down the molecules of fragrance, making it prone to oxidation.

Never Store Perfume in Direct Sunlight

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Perfumes must be stored in temperatures 15-59 degrees Fahrenheit. If you want to make the perfume last longer, avoid staying in the bathroom or other humid areas.

Store Perfume Away from The Hot and Humid Conditions

Apply the perfume after taking shower and while applying body lotion for skin moisturization. The perfume tends to stay longer on oily skin and works best during summers.

 Use Perfume on Moisturized Skin

Besides the wrist and neck, you can apply perfume on the ankle and behind the knees too, so it rises more and the fragrance lasts long.

Apply Perfume on Pulse Points

Rubbing writs together is a common action which must be strictly avoided as friction reduces the top notes of perfume.

Avoid Friction

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