How To Cut Cuticles Safely At Home?


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You will need a good cuticle remover to loosen it off the nail plate. This will help you decide if it needs to be trimmed or just pushed back.

Buy a Cuticle Remover

Use a metal pusher to push the cuticle towards the back end of the nails. Then use soap and water for washing the cuticle remover from the nail plate and cut off the parts which are hanging.

Gently Push Back the Cuticle with a Metal Pusher

Once the cuticle is trimmed or pushed back, apply some cuticle oil for nourishment.

Cuticle oil Application

Just like the facial skin, our hands also need the application of sunscreen lotion regularly to avoid sunburn and premature sunspots.

Apply Sunscreen

When you visit a manicurist, inform him that you want your cuticles to be pushed back. Then this would be gently done with an orange stick.

Opt for Gentle Manicure

Make sure to stay away from such agents by wearing gloves, and opting for nail polish remover free from acetone.

Avoid Drying Agents

The saliva from the mouth has enzymes which can break down the skin. Hence there are chances of infection of the cuticle if you keep biting your nails or the cuticles.

Never Bite Your Nails

Video: Pexels

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What Is A Cuticle And How To Cut Them Safely At Home?