How to Find the Right Blush for Your Skin Tone

By manasa

Why Use a Blush?

Make your skin look youthfully glowing by adding blush to your cheeks.

Get to Know What Your Skin Tone Is

Whether you have light, dark, medium or fair skin tone, choose the right blush that matches it.

Color Pinch Test

The color you see when you pinch your cheeks is the blush shade color to get.

Light Skin Tone Shades

Choose soft pink, peach or light coral are the shades to go with light toned skin.

Dark Skin Tone shades

The shades for dark skin tone are brick red, hot coral and deep berry colors.

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For Medium Skin Tones

Shades for medium skin tones are orange, rose pink and apricot.

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For Fair Skin Tones

For Fain tones, go for pink, peach, baby pink and berry shades are a great match.

Which Type to Choose?

For dry skin, use cream based blush and for oily skin type, go for powder based blushes.

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