8 Ways To Sustainably Repurpose Your Skin Care Products


Exfoliation for Dark Patches

Exfoliate your underarms a few minutes before you take a shower to remove dark patches.


Use Moisturizer As a Body Cream

Moisturizer can be used as a body cream. Just apply it on your body if it's not working for your face.


Hydrating Body Oil

You can use a facial oil or your skin where you feel it is dry to make it moisturized.


The Morning Cleanser

Use a Toner for a morning cleanser to wash off all makeup and dirt residue from your face.


Toner for Puffy Eyes

Choose a toner with no alcohol content and chill it in a refrigerator for a few minutes and then apply it.


Get Soft Hands With Retinol

Use retinol to reduce wrinkles on your hands before you go to bed. In the morning, wash it off to notice soft hands.


Use Facial Cleanser Instead of Beauty Tools

Use a facial cleanser to clean your makeup instead of using brushes and sponges.


Mask for Feet is a Sheet Mask

Use a sheet mask for your feet to make them hydrated and feel soft.


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