Here's How to Take Care of Your Dyed Hair?


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Frequent washing of the hair results in fading of the color quickly. To avoid this, stick to washing hair a maximum of 2-3 times a week. You may even use dry shampoo when needed.

Avoid Frequent Washing of Hair

You can do this some days to add extra softness and shine to your hair. Skipping the shampoo will prevent the color from being washed away.

Apply Conditioner Directly Without Shampoo

Conventional shampoos accelerate fading of the color but the specialized shampoos have low sulphate, thus reducing the chances of fading.

Select Your Shampoo Wisely

Heat protection sprays can be used on the hair to reduce the chances of damage.

Protect Your Hair From Heat

Dyeing the hair makes it fragile so if you keep the hair conditioned with the use of conditioning polymers and hydrating elements.

Keep Your Hair Well-Conditioned

At least 5-10 minutes of hair mask application provides healing nourishment to the hair. This repairs the hair, increases shine naturally and ensures that color remains longer.

Use Nourishing Hair Masks

You have to air dry your hair and damp it using a nourishing oil to keep it shining and retain the hair color.

Use Air-Drying Method, When Needed

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How To Take Care Of Dyed Hair?

Video: Pexels