Uses For Lemons For Your Hair, Skin And More


Lemon’s citric acid and antiseptic properties help to fight harmful bacteria and remove acne.

Remedy for Acne

A lemon face mask is giving assistance to improve skin brightness. It rids the pimples and acne as well as reduces skin dryness and redness.

Face Mask

Lemon is rich in citric acid and vitamin c which best aid for stretch marks and black spots.

Remove Spots and Stretch Marks

Lemon helps to hydrate skin and remove the dryness of the skin. Its antioxidant properties protect skin from cell damage.

Natural Hydration

 Lemon’s antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties provide instant help to cure skin itchiness.

Aid for Itchiness

Lemon’s bleaching properties help to reduce skin inflammation and redness. It supports clearing the skin impurities.

Reduce Redness and Skin Inflammation

Lemon contains enormous sort of nutrients which help to boost hair growth.

Improve Hair Growth

Lemon’s antimicrobial properties are amazing medicine for dandruff. It maintains the dandruff-free hair and scalp.

Solution for Dandruff

Lemon’s critic acid help to change damaged hair texture and provide support to change the original hair color.

Prevent Grey Hair

Lemon hair spray enhances hair growth and removes the scalp’s oiliness. It maintains dandruff scalp and leads to shiny and soft hair.

Natural Hair Spray

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