Mastering Spray Tan Care: Before and After Tips for a Lasting Bronze Glow


Understanding Spray Tans

These products offer a sunless tan, avoiding UV exposure. They contain DHA for a bronze effect, visible within hours and lasting for days.

Duration of Spray Tan

The lifespan varies based on shade intensity. Light tans last around 5 days, while darker shades endure up to 10 days due to higher DHA concentrations.

Pre-Spray Tan Preparation

Exfoliation is crucial to prevent streaks; avoid waxing, shower at least 8 hours prior, and wear loose clothing to prevent tan lines.

Post-Spray Tan Care

Continue wearing loose clothes for 24 hours after the tan to avoid streaks. Wait 6-8 hours before showering, limit shower time, and avoid oil-based products

Longevity Maintenance

After 3 days, gently exfoliate to maintain the tan. Use self-tanners and highlighters to enhance and extend the tan's life.

Avoiding Tan Interference

Steer clear of products that may interfere with the tan's longevity. Opt for recommended lotions and prevent sweating with baby powder.

Conclusion on Spray Tan Longevity

With proper care, spray tans can last up to 10 days. Following pre and post-care instructions ensures a safe and lasting bronzed look.