Reasons Why Black Hair Turning Brown


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Exposure to the sun for a prolonged period can cause the hair to get bleached. Thus color is lost from the hair follicles.

Excessive Sunlight

This has minerals which settle on the hair surface during hair wash and make the texture rough. 

Hard Water

Chemical-based shampoo and conditioners and other chemical treatments can turn the hair to brown color.

Chemical-Based Products

Besides the external factors, genes can bring a color change in the hair. You can expect it if earlier generations in your family already experienced the change of hair color with time.


Lack of nutrition and iron in the body can cause the hair to lighten. Insufficient copper can affect the body’s metabolism which affects the growth of cells.

Mineral Deficiency

Certain illnesses such as systemic lupus, systematic scleroderma and erythematosus can turn black hair to brown. 

Stress and Underlying Diseases

Video: Pexels

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Why Is My Black Hair Turning Brown?