Why You’re Not Losing Belly Fat

Pranay David

Top 10 Reasons That You Should Know!

Your sugar intake is probably way too much if your belly is getting fat.

Sugar Intake

Nothing can ever control your belly fat if you consume high levels of junk food.

Depending on Junk Food

You took daily cardio sessions to lose belly fat, right, but nothing worked out? It is because you have been doing it all the way wrong.

You Have Been Working Out Wrong

Processed food lowers down your capability to burn belly fat because they are full of carbs and sugar.

Eating Processed Food

Belly fat is due to excessive beer consumption. excessive beer consumption are bad for your tummy.

Excess Beer

Constant stress is bad for health as well as belly. People who feel depressed and stressed are prone to belly fat.


Bad sleeping habits leave a negative impact on cortisol balance. As cortisol is a stress hormone, it increases the amount of fat in your body which is further linked to visceral fat.

Lack of Sleep

Diet soda contains a huge number of calories, people who are high on diet soda are more likely to gain fat around the belly.

Diet Soda

Going over the board never works. By over exercising, your cortisol balance gets upset so make sure to workout in a balanced way.

Over Exercise

If you don’t want to jump into cardio or strength training, sweating out is a good option. Go out on your racing cycle and speed up for 2 minutes to go out of breath and then stop.

Sweat it Out