9 Road Trip Games With Family


video: canva

Games to Play on a Road Trip with Your Family:

Guess objects based on clues.

#1 I Spy: 

1Guess a person, place, or thing with yes or no questions.

#2 20 Yes Or No Questions 

Mark off state license plates on a bingo card.

#3 License Plate Bingo 

Identify famous quotes from movies or TV shows.

#4 Guess the Phrase 

 Play the classic hand game.

#5 Rock Paper Scissors 

Fill in blanks to create humorous stories.

#6 Mad Libs 

Take turns adding to a story.

#7 Storytelling 

 Name movies starting with given letters.

#8 Name the Movies 

Guess who fits statements best within the family.

#9 Most Likely to 

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