Samantha Ruth Prabhu's Luxury Bag Collection

collection of expensive luxury bags

Samantha with a pink Louie Vuitton handbag

Samantha looking cool with a unique heart shaped handbag

Samantha with a squared boxy handbag that looks unique

Samantha looking super chic in this pic wearing a small handbag

Samantha is just super hot in this pic while holding a Louie Vuitton handbag

Stylish looks of Samantha in a white outfit flaunting a brown and green leather handbag

The Glam look of Samantha with a beige handbag

A cute pic of Samantha with a brown leather Louie Vuitton handbag

Samantha with a huge black Louie Vuitton handbag

This poolside pic of Samantha with velvet handbag is awesome

Samantha with a red handbag matching her outfit

A cloudy pic of Samantha with a leather handbag

Samantha flaunting her big leather bag in a simple outfit at Hyderabad airport

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