What Happens When You Eat Too Many Bananas


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If you are allergic to latex or to other fruits like avocado, chestnuts, kiwi, etc., then you would be allergic to bananas too. You could also be allergic if you have ragweed allergy. In such cases, you would be affected by the oral allergy syndrome because of which your mouth would feel scratchy and itchy.


According to the University Of Maryland Medical Center, bananas can be one of the reasons for your migraine attacks. This is be because a substance called tyramine. The amino acid tyrosine present in bananas is converted by our body into tyramine.

Gastrointestinal Problems

As long as you don’t over eat, you wouldn’t really face any kind of gastrointestinal problems because of bananas. And even if you do, it would be just temporary. But, if you do binge on them, then be prepared to face problems like diarrhea, gas, bloating, etc.

Blood Sugar

Consuming bananas in the right quantity may not cause any problem but over consumption can lead to an increase in the risk of type 2 diabetes. Also remember that overripe bananas have more glycemic index so you need to be really careful while consuming them.


We are usually advised to eat bananas in order to get relief from bowel problems but green or unripe bananas can cause inverse effect and result in constipation. Bananas contain heavy dosage of tannic acid which hinder the gastrointestinal fluid secretion.


The presence of magnesium in bananas helps in relaxing your muscles, the amino acid tryptophan which triggers an increased production of serotonin. All of these factors when combined together can lead to sleepiness.

Lack of Fat

People who are on a diet may love bananas since they don’t contain any fat but you need to remember that your body needs some amount of fat everyday. So again opting for an all-banana diet is not advisable.

Video: Pexels

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Side Effects of Eating Too Many Bananas