What Happens to You When You Eat Too Much Honey


Stomach Cramps

Over consumption of honey on a regular basis can result in stomach cramps. This gastric problem can be resolved only if the honey is completely out of your system.


The next gastric problem that you could face is diarrhea which is not something that you would have associated with the consumption of honey. People have suffered cases of diarrhea due to over eating of the sweet-tasting honey.

Tooth Enamel

Over indulgence of honey can erode your tooth enamel and also cause various dental cavities to form. This is because the acid present in honey attracts the bacteria called acidophilic.

Acid Reflux Diseases

The acidic nature of honey is another one of its side effect. When you get exposed to acidic food over a period of time, it results not only in the erosion of your tooth enamel but also your stomach, intestines and esophagus lining.


The approved limit of honey consumption on a daily basis is 10 tablespoons. So anything more than that over a prolonged period can leave you with a constipation problem.


Bloating is another gastric problem that you will have to bear if you eat more than the stipulated amount of honey every day.

Allergic Reaction

People who are allergic to pollen, celery or other allergies related to bees should definitely not consume honey. Also the honey made from the plants under the Rhododendron genus should not be used since it is toxic.

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