Get Longer Hair With This Homemade Hair Oil


Care for Your Hair

Your hair needs a lot of attention and care. Try this simple DIY hair oil made with some special ingredients at home.

To Get Started

Here are some of the Ingredients you need to make this oil. Firstly we need to take 200 ml of coconut oil to get started.

Castor oil

Add 30ml of castor oil to the coconut oil.

Olive oil

Add 100 ml of Olive oil into the mix.

Almond oil

Add 50 ml of Almond oil to the ingredients mix.

Amla Juice

Add 30 ml of amla juice to the oil mix.

Neem Leaves

Add 20 neem leaves into the ingredients.

Hibiscus Leaves

Add 4 to 5 spoons of hibiscus leaves to the mixture.

Final Step

Let the Ingredients in the oil infuse for 30 mins in direct sunlight. Now the DIY oil is ready to apply to your hair.

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