Nighttime Tips to Aid Weight Loss

10 Simple 

By Pranay

Eating your dinner timely will help in easy digestion and your body will use the food as fuel and not store it as fat.

Don’t Eat After 7 Pm

If you get a good night’s sleep, your hormones will be in control and your metabolism will be revved up.

Sleep More

Working at night will disrupt your sleep hormones and you might not feel sleepy even after you retire to bed.

Avoid Night Time Work

Meditating before bedtime will relax your mind and body and induce peaceful sleep.

Forget The Stress and Do Meditation

Cottage cheese are rich in a compound L-tryptophan and also contains casein. These substances promote a good night’s sleep.

Consume Cottage Cheese

Using gadgets before bedtime will increase your stress and diminish your sleep levels. The result will be a disturbed sleep schedule.

Switch off Gadgets

Add Epsom salt or essential oils to your bath water which help soothe your tired body and calm your anxious nerves.

Hot Shower & Massage

Dancing may actually help you unwind after a long day and help you relax. Exercising before dinner will help you sync your body with your mind and also help shed extra kilos.


Drinking warm milk also helps in clearing bowels smoothly in the morning a bonus if you want to lose weight.

Drink Milk

Sleeping in the dark induces the sleep hormone melatonin. It will relieve stress and improve your quality of sleep.

Turn Off Lights Early

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