Protect Your Hair While Sleeping


7 Simple Ways to

When you brush or sleep with wet hair will give you hair stretches as well as deform the follicle.

Never Think of Going with Wet or Damp Hair

Using hair oil daily before bedtime can really help from more dryness as well as hair friction and also protecting further breakage while sleeping.

Use Hair oil Before Going to Bed

Using a cotton pillow may affect your hair so you may use a silk or satin pillow.

Use a Comfortable Pillow Case

This bedtime hairstyle will prevent locks, decrease overnight hair friction, and most importantly you will have gorgeous curls in the next morning.

Find The Best Hairstyle for Long Hair

Silk sleep cap helps you to protect from tangling, frizz as well as overnight hair friction, these are the main reasons for split ends and breakage.

Pick a Silk Cap

Applying an overnight hair mask will make sure that hair absorbs significant vitamins and nutrients while you sleep.

Use a Natural Hair Mask in a Week

Before going to bed don’t use any products like hair spray, hair accessories, and hair extensions. Because these products will surely damage the hair and will cause dryness, unnecessary tangles, and breakage.

Better Avoid Products Before Calling it a Night

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