Skin and Hair Care Ingredients To Avoid In Winter

By pravallika

During winter, products containing retinol which is an anti-aging ingredient can irritate your skin.

Avoid Products Containing Retinol


Using synthetic body perfumes during winter as the alcohol content will make your skin condition worse.

Body Perfumes Are No Go


During winter, it is advisable to avoid bleaching your hair as the chemicals will damage your hair.

Do Not Bleach Your Hair


Harsh soaps will strip away the natural oils from your skin, making it dry and irritated. Choose milder soaps or cleansers instead.

Do Not Use Harsh Soaps


Salicylic acid during winter can dry out your skin worse. So avoid using it in winter months.

Salicylic Acid during Winter Is Bad


In Winter, stop using products like lipsticks, foundations, etc. that have excessive ethanol as they can dry out your skin.

Avoid Using Products Having Excessive Ethanol


Harsh exfoliating scrubs during winter can irritate your skin. So, don't over exfoliate your skin with harsh scrubs during winter.

Do Not Use Harsh Exfoliators


Glycolic acid is an ingredient present in many anti-aging and acne products. But it can dry out your skin during winter.

Glycolic Acid Can Dry Your Skin


Keep away from using toners in winter as they can remove the moisture from your skin, making it dry.

Say No To Toners


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