Skincare Ingredients That are Not Scary As You Thought

By manasa

Some Acids & Chemicals

Many Fruits and Vegetables have AHA, BHA and PHA that are acids which help in removing acne, unclog pores and that are anti-aging.

Some Silicone & Parabens

Some fear that they will stick to your skin and hair. but when it's made with good formula, it will not only be safe for your skin but also for the environment.

Some Alcohols

It can be drying, but it depends on the formula and concentration that is used in the product. It can be a great help in removing excess oil and dirt from your skin.

Some Shampoos Containing Sulphates

In Summer, without the sulphates in shampoo, your hair will be very greasy and irritated in the heat.

Sunscreens Containing Chemicals

The chemicals in the sunscreen can protect you from the harmful UV rays and prevent skin cancer.

Preservatives That Are Not So Bad

The preservatives are there to make sure that the products do not spoil and cause any harm to you.


Avoid these ingredients if you have extremely sensitive skin. Other skin types can effortlessly handle these ingredients.

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