Sweat Proof Makeup Tips For Sportswomen


Thinking Smart About Makeup

The hack is not only to choose the makeup that is water resistant, but choosing a makeup which is oil free. Know how to do it next

Apply Oil-Free Primer

Before put on your makeup, apply an oil-free primer to your face. This will help in holding the makeup for long and prevent it from smudging.

Choose a Waterproof Foundation

When going for a foundation, always choose a waterproof one. This will help in keeping your makeup intact even if you start sweating.

Use Matte Lipsticks Only

Glossy lipsticks are one of the first things that start smudging when you sweat. To prevent this, go for matte lipsticks only as they don’t budge easily.

Setting Spray is a Must

Once you are done with your makeup, don’t forget to set it with a setting spray. This will help in making your makeup long lasting.

Don't Use Brush for Blending Makeup

Use of brush for blending makeup can cause caking. So, it is always better to use a sponge for blending instead of a brush.

Avoid Using Towel to Wipe Your Face

Wiping your face with a towel can cause your makeup to smudge. So, use a soft towel to just dab or use blotting papers instead.

It's Better To Use Powder Based Makeup

Powder based makeup is always better than cream based as it doesn’t melt easily. So, opt for powder eye shadow, blush and even contouring products.

Opt for Lip Tints

Lip tints are always better than lipsticks as they don’t smudge easily. They are also light on the lips and give a natural look.

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