Follow These Tips When Applying Onion Juice on Your Hair

By pranay

This juice is good for scalp health and promotes hair growth.

We Recommend Fresh Juice

Prefer using fresh onion juice to avoid any irritation on the scalp.

The Sulfur in Onions Strengthens Hair

The hair gains strength and becomes thick with the sufur present in Onions

Maintain Weekly Consistentcy

Make sure to follow up this routive every week. In case of any allergies or irration, stop using it.

Onion Juice is Pungent to Smell

Since this juice has a strong smell, prefer to apply it on your day off

Mix it with Essential Oils 

Adding some essential oils in the juice can reduce the strong smelling onion juice.

Onions are Budget Friendly

They cost less and you can get them anywhere quite easily.

Now You're Ready To Flaunt Your Hair

You can now show off your beautiful thick hair with confidence.

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