Top Foods That Can Cause Acne


How Does Acne Occur?

The increasing pollution in the air, some foods and hormones causes acne.

Some Food That Can Cause Acne

There are a few foods that can trigger acne and you must stop now.

Hot and Spicy Foods

Spicy food cause inflammation on the skin and eventually leading to acne.

Sweetened Foods

Eating overly sweetened foods causes fluctuatuions in insulin and thus causing acne.

Foods Having Saturated Fats

These foods can increase the production of sex hormones that leads to breakout of acne.

Dairy Products Can Cause Acne

Some diary products causes the skin to produce excess oil which leads to acne.

The Other Ways Diary Products Causing Acne

They can also cause acne by affecting the testosterone levels.

Prepare a Proper Diet Plan

Make sure to avoid these foods to prevent acne or you just lower the consumption of these foods from your diet.

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