What Happens When You Rub Ice Cubes On Your Face


Less Appearance of Pores

Application of ice cubes on the face will removes the dirt and impurities in the pores.


Soothing Impact on Acne

Ice soothes the redness and inflammation of acne on the skin by increased blood flow.


Reduces Aging

Rubbing ice cubes on the skin is a great way to reduce and prevent signs of aging. 


Treating Sunburns

Sunburns cause redness and inflammation which are reduced on the application of ice.


Instant Glow

Application of ice on the face improves blood circulation to your skin and makes it bright.


Acts as a Good Primer

Before applying makeup, people apply ice all over the face and neck as it acts as a natural primer


Reduce Puffy Eyes

Apply ice on the affected areas, and your beautiful eyes will get back in shape.