What Happens When You Stop Brushing Your Hair?


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If your hair often get tangled and form knots, be ready to get more of them when you stop brushing.

Tangled and Rough Hair

While combing is used to remove these kinks with each stroke, not combing will keep on accumulating the kinks on hair.

Kinks to Stay on Your Hair

If you do not comb, this oil keeps on building up on the scalp, making it greasy faster.

Be Ready for oil Buildup

Since you have stopped yourself from using the comb, your hands will reach out to your hair to detangle them and work in different ways.

Get Ready to Be More Hands-On

When you do not brush, the hair will keep falling, and you may end up seeing a lot of hair on your floor.

Hair All Around The Place

When you stop combing, the hair feels more voluminous. But this puffiness in hair is completely fake as it will make hair look dirty over time.

Hair Will Look Voluminous

When you stop combing, different hair issues like tangles, knots, kinks, oily scalp, and many more will start coming up.

You Will Start Using More Hair Care Products

Video: Pexels

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Side Effects of Not Combing Hair