What Happens When You Stop Drinking Alcohol for a Month?


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Reduce The Risk of Breast Cancer

Alcohol attacks the tumour killing antibodies, so stopping alcohol drinking for a month reduces the risk of breast cancer.

Lose Belly Fat

It is quite common to notice that alcohol increases belly weight. Actually a long time consumption of alcohol damages your stomach and liver which results in poor digestion of fats. This extra fat gets stored on belly.

Improved Glowing Skin

Alcohol makes your skin less glowing. For a month pause of alcohol consumption is likely to turn your skin better.

Improved Mood and Mental Performance

Alcohol has adverse effects on our nervous system, be it the decision making ability or relaxed mind. Improved mood, a better concentration and good mental performance is probably the greatest and well know benefit of stopping alcohol.

Sleep Better

Alcohol addicts are often found dizzy and less active because of lack of sleep. Just a one month pause or quit of alcohol will let a person sleep much better in terms of quality.

Video: Pexels

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