What Shall I Do To My Hair After I Wash It?


Apply Hair Mask After Wash

Use hair mask after you wash your hair to make it smooth.

Use Towels to Dry Your Hair

Do not use hair dryer as it can make your hair dry and rough. Instead use soft towel gently to dry the hair.

Apply a Hair Serum

Hair serums make your hair more lush and bouncy.

Use Essential oils

Using a few drops of essential oils of rose or lavender can make your hair shiny and healthy.

You Can Use Hair Gels Instead of Serums

Hair gels improve the look of your hair. So, you can use hair gels to get smooth hair.

Hair Serum Tip

Before you style your hair, apply a few drops of serum to avoid hair damage.

Choose The Right Comb

Remember to use a comb with wide tooth to detangle hair and avoid hair fall.

Don't Tie Your Hair

After you wash your hair, doo not tie it immediately as the hair is prone to breakage right after a wash.

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