What are the Health Benefits of Banana?

health benefits of banana

Let’s alter the statement and conclude it saying, a banana a day keeps a doctor away. From children to adults everyone likes these sweet tasting fruit which are now neatly packed and can be carried in your purse. Banana is not new to any one of us and your way to look at bananas will completely change the concept which you thought about banana till now. Once you start including banana in your diet you are more prone to maintain a healthy life besides going on a treadmills or guying expensive membership of a gym. There are numerous benefits of bananas over health, and we list you some surprising benefits of eating banana.

12 Amazing Health Benefits of Banana

1. More Energy

Have you ever seen athletes munching of more than two banana’s before they start running the run? Yes, this is because eating banana’s can help to produce more energy in a person’s body. Eating banana’s can help to balance the natural sugar in the body along with digestive enzymes, fiber and potassium. Eating bananas when you are hungry are the best alternative to satisfy the sweet hunger in you.

2. Helps in Maintaining Eye Health

Bananas are rich in vitamin A which helps to maintain the eye health and also induce a proper vision. Vitamin A is a series of compounds which includes beta carotene and alpha carotene which are fat soluble vitamins essential for the health of the eye. According t various studies, women require 700 microgram of vitamin A and men require 900 microgram which can be satisfied through 1-2 banana’s itself.

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3. Helps in Digestion

Have a digestion problem? You are in need of some bananas instead of some gastro relievers. Bananas are rich in dietary fibbers which helps the food you at move smoothly through the body and improves elimination. If you are suffering from any digestion problem including constipation, the first thing you need to grab is some bananas.

4. Heart Function

Eating banana’s in the morning supports the system with good amount of potassium which is very essential to keep the health of the heart good. Sometimes you may also feel heart burn which can cure by eating a banana. Eating banana’s daily in the morning breakfast helps to produce the vital vitamin and nutrients in the body, which regular’s proper blood circulation which results in good heart function.

5. Treats Ulcers

Ulcers in the body are a painful condition, where you get restricted to various eating habits. A banana a day can help to fight against stomach ulcers. Compounds in banana benefits you by giving a thick protective layer in the body which keeps the hydrochloric acid away. It also helps to eradicate bacterial and fungal actions taking place inside the stomach.

6. Rich in Vitamins and Minerals

Yes, bananas are rich is essential vitamins and minerals that is required by the body for proper functioning. It also have small amount of iodine, iron, selenium and zinc. Besides all these, there is good level of Vitamin C, magnesium, manganese and vitamin b6 traced in bananas.

7. Helps in Weight Loss

You get 90 calories from one 6 inch banana and also half of the fiber content is soluble by the body. It helps to keep your stomach filled and also helps in losing weight. Finding an appropriate diet, fruit and veggies for losing weight is a challenging task, but munching on bananas’ is just perfect to lose Weight after regular practice of 1 month.

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8. Skin Condition

Due to essential vitamin and minerals in the banana, it helps to repair the damaged skin and also helps to regenerate the new cells rapidly. Eating bananas’ provide a natural whitening effect on the skin, make your skin shine and also boost the collagen on the skin. Banana peel treatments can help to treat enzyme, porisis and warts on the skin. Rubbing banana peel on the affected skin helps to change the texture of the skin overnight.

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9. Improves Brain Functioning

You have heard eating a banana before exam can benefit you good brain and sense of humor. This is true but unfortanetly you will not be benefited in one night, regular intake of banana can help to boost the functioning of brain and the magnesium present in the banana helps to make you more alert.

10. Treats Depression

Eating bananas can help to improve your mood and treat the stress condition in you. Banana helps to reduce the PMS symptoms which helps to regulate the sugar in blood and also helps to produce stress relieving symptoms. A single banana a day is extremely beneficial for people suffering from depression problems. It also results in inducing good and better sleep by maintaining the level of essential amino acids in the body.

11. Cure to Hangover

Surprisingly, bananas are also used to treat overnight hangover. A blended banana with some ice, milk, sugar and berries can be a good alternative to treat an overnight hangover. It is always advised to take bananas the next morning of hangover. Bananas helps to control the mood by reduces the anxiety and hormonal misbalance in the body.

12. Boost Immune System

A low immune system leads to getting affected to various types of chronic diseases. Banana’s rich in anti oxidants helps to fight against the free radicals in the body which results in various diseases. Besides treating nuasea in the morning and stabilizing the sugar level in the body, it also helps to boost the immune system.

Banana is one the world’s healthiest food ever considered. It helps in treating all the health related problems and are also available cheap in the nearby stores and local markets. Too much banana is also not advised, but surely one can eat a single 6 inch banana per day. It also depends upon the ripeness and quality of banana you are eating. Alone or mixed with some other things, banana is always great for the health. It can also be added with some milk and honey to get a delicious dish out of this.

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