What Happens to Your Body When You Lose Your Virginity?

what happens to your body when you lose your virginity

Losing the virginity is a big issue, mainly in countries like India. Right After the first intercourse a woman may feel a lot of concerns regarding her body. Apart from hymen, woman experiences a lot of changes in her body. So, there are doctors to whom you can talk about your concerns and they are aware about the doctor-patient confidentiality. Let us read to know What happens to your body when you lose your virginity.

What Happens to Your Body When You Lose Your Virginity

Here are some changes which occur in women’s body.

1. The Elasticity of Your Vagina Changes After You Start Having Sex

  • When a woman is aroused, the vagina relaxes itself and makes it appear loose. After your first few frequent intercourse, it slips back to its original position with the same tightness. So, one can say that elasticity of vagina losses after having sex.
  • But this elasticity is not permanent due to the fact that vagina will always return back to its original shape after the sexual intercourse is over.
  • The vaginal loosening can be caused only through two reasons either by vaginal birth of a child or due to the lack of estrogen.

2. Delay in Period

  • In some cases, sex can delay the periods this delay is because of the huge surge of hormones that a woman experiences at the time of arousal that can cause havoc with the monthly menstruation cycle.
  • Not very late it will only cause the delay of one or two days. But, is someone notices a longer delay the she should conduct a pregnancy test.

3. Hormone Changes (Glowing Skin)

  • Another good reason to have sex is that you get a glowing skin like never before. The happy hormones overcome the bad hormones. Thus, making you feel joyful, happy, thrilled with joy, and leaving your skin glowing too. The relaxed body gives way to a glowing skin.
  • Such confidence and boosting and happy hormones will leave you happy and cheerful like you have never been. So, take pleasure of this blissful situation and look forward to be more sexually active.

4. Nipples Feel Sensitive

  • The very common reason of the breast pain after sexual intercourse is exhaustive breast stimulation. Right after the sex a woman may feel little sensitive nipples. Active stimulation is the reason behind the sensitive nipples after you lose virginity.
  • There is no doubt that nipples become sensitive after losing virginity as the body goes through various changes. The flow of the blood and muscular tension boost up leaving the nipples sensitive.

5. Breasts Become Firmer

  • So, get ready to watch your breast going bigger and firmer after losing virginity. The size of the breast may grow up to 25% depending on the level of arousal.
  • At the time of sex, the tissue of the breast swells up and blood vessels are dilated making the breast firmer.
  • The girls might need to purchase a bra bigger than what they were actually wearing form long. So, don’t worry as the breast won’t be bigger and firmer for a long period of time.

6. Relieve Stress & Happy & Relax Mood

  • Stress and sex are linked with each other in many ways. Be ready to take pleasure in the emotional ride after sex. If you had a good sex with your partner then you will feel content and on cloud nine the whole day.
  • It has been studied in Arizona University that physical fondness and sexual behavior towards the partner considerably predicted low negative stress and mood, and high good and positive mood the same day.
  • After a physical contact a woman will feel low level of stress. Thus, experience happy and relaxed mood.

7. Lose Calories

  • A women burns 69 calories on average in a session of 24 minutes. Researchers have found that quite a lot of calories are after losing virginity, but the safest estimate is three to four Cal/ minute.
  • Sex has many other health benefits also but do not make a mistake to count it in the quota of physical workout.

So, if you experience any of the above changes, there is no need to worry because you are absolutely fine. Still, if you have some troubles regarding the concerns related to the changes in your body you can speak out to someone you are close to or a doctor is always a great option to start a conversation.

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