When Do Girls Stop Growing?

when do girls stop growing

Every young girl and their parents keep thinking about this question about how much longer will the girl grow before her growth stops and that’s it, she cannot be any taller. The answer to this question is as tricky as the question itself. Normally we stop growing at the end of puberty which is basically when we are developing sexually. Normally, girls grow fastest just before hitting menstruation which begins at around 12½ years of age. At its peak, height grows at around 2 inches every year.

The Start of Menstruation and Puberty:

Though weknow it’s hard to determinewhen the periods start, a rough estimate is around the age at which the girl’s mother’s periods began. Girls grow much faster than boys and then it stops at a very young age when the puberty ends at around fifteen or sixteen. Though, some of us may say that girls might grow till their early twenties but it generally stops at the end of the teens.

Factors Affecting Height Growth:

How tall might a girl grow would also depend on when the quick growth gets triggered, just before the periods start, which is around the ages of 8 and 13. It is quintessential that a healthy and balanced diet is maintained, and exercise undertaken regularly. These 2 factors play a very important role in the growth in height, not just in case of girls, but even so for boys, and must not be neglected as it happens in many cases these days.

We may do our best, but we still cannot eliminate the role of genetics, which is beyond our control, however we may want it to be.

When Does the Growth Finally Stop?

Women usually stop growing when the growth plates in the bones fuse and form up completely permanently,which happens around puberty in most cases. The sexual hormones will begin the supported growth rate right before the growth plates (epiphyses) start to fuse.

The estrogen and progesterone release transform a girl into a grown woman.

Growth Variations In Case Of Different Ethnicities And Nourishment Levels:

Puberty is hits different races and people with different nourishment levels differently. For example, Africanshit puberty earlier than whites. If you are well-nourished, you are more likely to hit puberty earlier than a malnourished person.

Stages in Growth in Girls:

Every girl goes through the following stage in her growth and development

  • Initially, the hips start to become rounded and the breasts develop.
  • The height starts to grow fast.
  • About 6-12 months after the breasts develop, pubic hair alsoappear.
  • The vagina and uterus grow in size.
  • The height growth peaks about 2 years from when puberty hits us.
  • Menstruation begins thereon.

Now that we’ve seen various stages and the growth pattern in case of girls. We must see what we can do to make the most of the growth years to grow into a tall woman before the growth stops.

5 Habits to Ensure You Grow Tall:

1. A Healthy Diet:

Like we’ve already mentioned, a balanced and healthy diet is absolutely essential and girls definitely must avoid fad diets at this stage in life, which may make us look slim and slender, but take away the nutrition our bodies need so badly for our growth. This can prove to be very harmful later, as depriving yourself of bone forming nutrients during this stage will result in osteoporosis related complications later, which is getting commoner by the day.

It is highly advisable that you eat a combination of all essential nutrients such ascarbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, and all the important minerals. Eating proper meals at regular intervals is very important to ensure a good healthy growth.

2. Regular Exercise to Grow Well:

If the growth plates have already fused, then even exercising can only help a little,but, if they haven’t, then exercise can enhance the growth till they fuse and you stop growing. Regardless, exercising regularly never harms, it just advantages us.

3. Ensure a Proper Posture:

The posture affects the spine which affects the height growth. These days the biggest problem in most people is a bad posture which doesn’t simply restrict the growth, but causes a multitude of spinal problems too. Thus, for the sake of growing tall or staying healthy, maintain a good posture. It will help you grow taller and also make you look tall. So, make sure your posture is always erect with the shoulders resting backwards and the abdomen pulled inside with the head held high. Try avoiding slouching, at least because it makes you look bad.

4. Sleep Like a Baby:

Our sleep regenerates the body and grows new tissues. This is much faster compared to when we are awake when most of our body’s energy is devoted to normal activities. When we are asleep, we grow the most. That is why every growing teenagers should be encouraged to sleep for even up to eleven hours every night.

5. Avoid growth Inhibiting Habits or Factors:

Many young teenagers get hooked to caffeine, tobacco, liquor, steroids or substance abuse. These inhibit growth and must be avoided at all costs before you reach the full growth potential. We know these habits and substances are highly harmful by themselves but they also shorten our growth potential.

Some People Grow Even After Puberty in The Following Cases:

  • In a few cases, even after the end of puberty the growth plates may still not be fused and there could be some room for growth. This usually happens more often in boys, but also happens with some girls too.
  • Abnormal pituitary gland function can help a person defy the general growth patterns. Abnormally tall people are examples of people who grew because of an abnormally functioning pituitary gland.

We have discussed about growth in girls, and upon reading we realize that all we can and should do is take care of the important factors as explained above and be happy with whatever growth we can achieve after taking good care of ourselves.

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