Why Women Need More Sleep Than Men

It is mandatory to sleep for at least 8 hours in a day. Mostly it is seen that women wake up early than men for different reasons that could include for the kids, household works, offices, tradition, and more. However not getting enough sleep and performing exerting physical activities can be very challenging and with continued lack of sleep, health problems become more and more evident.

What is the Best Time to Sleep?

A very important thing that needs to be taken into consideration is the timing of sleep rather than the time for which a person sleeps. No matter what time you may sleep or wake, what’s important is to get an 8 hour sleep. This does not go in rhythm with your biological clock. The sleep rhythms in the body are set and are called as circadian rhythms. And another thing to consider is the timings at which you get those 8 hours of much needed sleep.

The right time to sleep for people aged of 18 to 45 years is around 22:00 – 23:30. It is said that sleeping after midnight is not recommended. The best hours to sleep for older people are between 22: 00-23: 30 and waking up at 6: 00-7: 30. It is also said that waking up without using an alarm clock is more beneficial for your body. The natural rhythm of waking up at a particular time works better than using an alarm. It is important to have a relaxed sleep hence it is always advised to not perform any activity that enhances brain function before going to bed.

Sleep Timings for Men and Women:

According to studies women require more sleep than men. Women need about 3 hours more sleep than men do otherwise they are said to have a stressful day. Professor Jim Horne, director of the Sleep Research Center at Loughborough University, says due to bad and sleepless day or night women are affected by psychological stress or anxiety and they become aggressive, depressed, hostile and angry.

Professor Horne’s result of this study speaks that women have a more complex brain than men. “Women use their brains excessively every day, the more they feel the need to recover and, consequently, to sleep more.” Also, the researcher says: “Women to be inclined to do numerous things at same time – doing several things instantly and they are flexible – and so they use their brains to think more than men. That is why they necessitate sleeping more hours than men. Women have to think and do lots of things throughout day and are majorly involved in decision making processes, they need more brain to work this and that is why they need more hours of sleep.

Always give respect to the best hours of sleep and wake up with a refreshed feeling. It is essential to wake up feeling you have had enough sleep in order to get the best through your day at work or home.

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Written by: Pravallika Menon

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