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We are very happy to know about your interest in writing a post on Our Website BeautyEpic.com.I am looking for stories of Beauty, Health, Fitness, Yoga, Relationship, Motivation and inspiration. The ideas are innumerable and some of the common story ideas are mentioned below:
  • Do you have a Motivational Story To Achieve Your Goal? Send me your story of how you reached your goal.
  • Quit smoking because of your health issues? Let me know how You gave up a bad habit and picked up a new healthy habit?.
  • If You are in a good relationship with your partner. So send a story related to “Tips for Maintaining Good Relationship
  • Lost weight in a short period of time? Share your secrets with real pics.
  • Don’t fit in the above categories? Write about anything that you did differently and it worked for you. For example –
  • Life Hacks, DIY Guides with Instructions, Recipes with Real Images,videos.
  • Do You Have a Top 10 List? It has not been done before; feel free to share with us.

I am Open for Creative Ideas.

If you are still not sure of writing about ‘that particular incident’, shoot me a mail to: info(at)beautyepic.com ] and I will be more than happy to publish on my site.

Just Keep the Following in Mind:

  • Your post must be relate to any of the category in my blog. I always accept true stories, love and relationships, beauty, work-life balance, health and wellness, parenting and finding inspiration in life.
  • If you are writing a health article just mention sources(.gov,.org  or  from trusted sites)
  • I receive many articles but most of them require a lot of re-work. Kindly check the spellings and basic grammar before sending the article to me. Please make sure the post is free from grammatical errors.
  • Don't Write for search engines like google,bing,etc. Just write for users.The post must be helpful to users.
  • NO SMS lingo(chat/ Internet Slang). Please. I reject the articles that use ‘u’ for you and ‘coz’ for because.
  • The post must be original and of high quality. If you are sending a post to me. Once it went for publishing stage or published, we need not allow the content to publish it elsewhere. Not even on your blog! (Sorry,because we strightly follow SEO rules).
  • There is no word count limit but it is advisable to keep your post of at least 1000 words or more.
  • Please send the article as an attachment in email and send it to             [email protected]
Please remember just submitting a guest post that does not guarantee publication.

What do you get?

  •  If you are a real blogger, I would be more than happy to give a by-link to your blog.
  • Good Exposure and a loyal following – you would be guaranteed lots of readers and good exposure.
  • Get Paid: We select only original and well written posts for payment. For every published post , you will be paid INR 500. This is the maximum I can offer for posts. Note:The discretion of publishing or rejecting a post lies with me. We will let you Status of your post.Please be patience for atleast 10 days. If you did not get a response from our end just shoot me a reminder mail.
I look forward to reading your stories.Thanks for stopping by, BeautyEpic Team Mail: info(at)beautyepic.com